Raval resto

Eating in Barcelona tends to centre around ‘mini meals’  – a selection of delicious tapas or informal pincho (generously-sized canapes on cocktail sticks) at the bar with a glass of wine or beer.  There aren’t many authentic pincho bars in London that I’m aware of, so my holiday diet tends to consist of moreish croquettes, tortilla, chorizo and serano ham on pieces of toasted bread, and that usually suits me fine for about 2 meals.

However, the amazingly rich mixture of flavours can become a little overwhelming and the anti-social side of me eventually finds sharing slightly irksome. Craving something simple and filling, le mec and I came across Pizza Ravalo, a small restaurant on a quiet square in, you guessed it, Upper Raval.

Pizza Ravalo has the unhurried feel of a neighbourhood restaurant and it’s a bit romantic
The pizzas are superthin and like all the best pizzerias, the flour (and indeed the chef) has been imported from Naples.

Pizza Ravalo

Pizza Ravalo, Plaça Emili Vendrell 1, 08001 Barcelona
Metro: Sant Antoni


One response to “Raval resto

  1. Fresh thin crust pizzas, what a Delight.

    Wish I could visit Raval resto and enjoy the this delight.

    Thanks for the Great Post.

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