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Anthropologie arrives in London

So, I finally got to see the new Anthropologie store on Regent Street and in just a short visit, I managed to compile a pretty extensive Christmas wish list.

I first came across Anthropologie on a trip to New York about six years ago and I remember being in awe of their Snow Queen-style silk dresses and embellished homeware. 


This is Anthropologie’s first European store out of America, which will be followed by another store on the King’s Road, housed in a former gentlemen’s club.  All of the Anthropologie stores are unique and the three-floor Regent Street branch is pretty spectacular, with a wall tapestry of over 200 sq. metres of living plants, sustained by the rain-water collected on the roof.

green stairs

Inside, it is a wonderland of bobo, Amélie-style patterned dresses, rustic Americana bed linen and velvet embroidered cushions and good, old-fashioned crockery with a modern twist.

Some of the clothes can be a bit on the twee side, but the collections have clearly been picked because of their excellent quality and fine details, like felt patchwork hearts sewn on the inside. 


It’s great to finally have access to Anthropologie’s designer labels like Leifsdottir and Moulinette Soeurs, as well as New York-based Mise en Scene by Ruffian and Eva Franco and high-end pieces from Sara Berman.  I am currently lusting after a Mise en Scene by Ruffian black velvet cocktail dress with a white silk collar – think Eva Green wearing YSL and smoking a cigarette in The Dreamers, that’s how fabulous it is!

spot dress

Anthropologie’s buyers have scoured the world to source some of the most beautiful things for your home. I recognised some of the stationary that is stocked in Selfridges, but they also have an enormous collection of jewelled, wooden and ceramic drawer handles, hand-painted china cups and saucers and exquisite bold striped and patchwork quilts.


I had serious envy on their amazingly-styled in-store bedroom and had the store assistant not being restocking the drawers, I would have been tempted to curl up among the cushions.  While I already have a gorgeous handmade patchwork quilt in my room at home, I can’t help feeling that this bedroom would make me into the organised, serene and breezy person I’ve always wanted to be (must make storage notes).


The greatest addition to Anthropologie’s Regent Street store would be a cafe (see Avoca, Belfast’s adorable lifestyle store) where you could have afternoon tea, as judging by Style Bubble and disneyrollergirl’s mouthwatering pics from the press day, they have some real cakemaking talents.  If you’re reading, Anthropologie, grab some of those tea pots and cake stands and get a pop-up shop going, we’ll be in there all day!

Anthropologie, 158 Regent Street, London, W1B 5SW

Extreme ice cream!

Selfridges is a regular stop on my lunchtime route when I’m at work – in the name of fashion features research, but more just to admire the food hall and add to new jewels and gadgets to my Wonder Room wishlist.

So, with an hour or two to languish away, I headed down the Ultra Lounge to sample the finest ice cream available to humanity at The Icecreamists’ punk-luxe, guerilla ice cream installation.


The Icecreamists have reclaimed ice cream from weepy, Bridget Jones drudgery and made it seriously sexy, with decadent flavours and extravagant frozen cocktails in a luxurious boutique parlour.  The ‘installation’ is decked out like the backstage area of the ultimate glam rock concert with black PVC sofas, a silver banqueting table and small stage with splashes of hot pink.  The decor gives a nod to Stephen Sprouse’s punky neon graffiti and there is even a souped up icecream van driven by HRH herself!


We tried a scoop of the Axl Rose-Water ice cream – a pastel pink concoction of rose water, vanilla and dried rose petals.  The ice cream is based on traditional artisan gelato methods, using less fat and less air than American versions, making it smoother, healthier and more flavoursome.

The flavours are classics remixed with crazy names like Obamarama (milk chocolate, funnily enough), Gingiana Jones (Asian spiced ginger), Glastonberry and The Molotoffee Cocktail.  They’re not cheap at £4.99 a tub, but it was the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted, out of Italy, anyway!

But if you want more Heston Blumenthal-style molecular bells and whistles, there’s God Save the Cream – a cryogenic ‘reverse’ flambee cocktail created at your table and served at a ridiculously cold -196 degrees.  Or, save your lips from frostbite with the Sex Pistol ice cream cocktail that promises to get you going with natural stimulants, absinthe ice cream and a shot of absinthe in a pink water pistol.

Ice cream

There’s scheduled live music from opera singers to girl bands and rock boys, so check out The Icecreamists’ Facebook page for more info.

For a better idea of the…ahem, ‘atmosphere’ of the installation, watch models Tolula Adeyemi and Mel Rose’s informative guide, directed by Pussy Glamore’s Marissa Montgomery.  Well, it’s just them getting all sticky and creamy, but why not, ice cream is sexy now, after all!

The Icecreamists’ God Save the Cream installation is open now until 1 November at Selfridges.